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Building an Inspiring Culture


$ 59.99


8 weeks

About the Course

Embarking on an enlightening journey of leadership with this 8-week course developed by esteemed leadership expert, Christopher Kolenda. One gets to explore the art and science of creating an inspiring organizaConal culture that fosters innovation, collaboration, and sustained success. Drawing from Christopher Kolenda's wealth of experience in leadership and strategy, this course provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and cultivating a positive workplace environment. Through a blend of insightful lectures, real-world case studies, and interactive discussions, participants will gain the knowledge and tools needed to shape and sustain an inspiring culture within their organizations.

Week 1: Smart Start - Define your organiza6on's common good

  • Building an Inspiring Culture®

  • The Roads to an Inspiring Culture

  • ABCs of High Performing Organizations

Week 2: Clarify your expecta6ons and values.

  • Outcomes and Choices

  • Managing workplace conflict

  • Values and Expectations: using the 3As

Week 3: Gain buy in so that people do what's right voluntarily.
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  • The three elements of buy-in

  • What's your employee value proposition?

  • The 4:1 Rule

  • When to decide or delegate

  • Dealing with people who opt out of change

Week 4: Hold people accountable for results and feel joyful rather than awkward.
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  • The 3 Cs of Accountability

  • Proactive and Reactive accountability

  • Using the 4 Ws and 3 As to boost Accountability

  • Common Sense Consistency

  • Feedback & Feed Forward

  • How to Get and Act on Feedback

Week 5: Build cogni6ve diversity, so you make sound decisions and posi6on people for

  • Full-dimension diversity (Physical, Cognitive, Experiential)

  • Using PROM Archetypes® to build cognitive diversity

  • Good Governance: Diversity, Commitment, and Competence

Week 6: Create psychological confidence so that people speak up and act within your

  • Psychological Confidence

  • Promoting Innovation

  • Getting good at imposter syndrome

  • Using employee surveys to improve performance

  • Use RAVEN to disagree agreeably

Week 7: Address toxic behavior so that you walk the talk and retain your top talent.

  • Confront over values and expectations not incidents or outcomes

Week 8: Apply your Top Lessons: Priori6es and Accountability.

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