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English Language


$ 125/month


12 months

$ 1,500/year


About the Course

WESLI has 7 levels of English and many programs to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. After you take a placement test to find your level, we will make a class schedule that best fits your English level and future goals.

To meet your English goals, WESLI offers 5 ESL Programs. Each course is a combination of Core Classes and Electives. Whether you are studying English for personal reasons, MBA preparation, or for your career, WESLI has courses for you!

  • General English – for students who want to improve English abilities for personal goals

  • English Plus – for students who want to improve English abilities but also study another topic of interest - topics range from Yoga or Tourism to Beer or Photography!

  • Academic Preparation – for students who want to attend US or other English-speaking universities or colleges. Also see WESLI's University Pathway!

  • TOEFL/IELTS Preparation – for students seeking to improve test scores

  • Business/Professional English – for students working in businesses or other professions, such as lawyers, doctors, journalists, scientists, politicians and teachers

  • Junior Summer + Winter Camps - for students in high school wanting to experience Midwest American culture in an authentic setting in all seasons

  • Private Classes – for students who want one-on-one tutoring instead of or in addition to classes. WESLI Tutoring provides a customized curriculum taught by experienced teachers. With flexible scheduling (1-10 hours/week, available all year), you will receive undivided attention to help you reach your goals quickly.


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