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8 weeks

About the Course

This leadership course developed by renowned leadership expert Christopher Kolenda helps you explore the essence of effective leadership in 8-weeks. It helps one delve into the principles and practices that define "Why Leadership" and learn how to apply them in various contexts. Christopher Kolenda brings his extensive experience in leadership and strategy, offering valuable insights and practical guidance to help you cultivate the skills necessary to become a purpose-driven and impactful leader. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, case studies, and interactive exercises designed to enhance your leadership capabilities and empower you to lead with purpose and clarity.

Week 1: Smart Start

  • Becoming a WHY Leader®

  • Chris's Definition of Leadership

  • Turning Principles into Ac=on

  • The 1mm Rule for Leaders

  • The 6 Habits that Inspire People and Expand your Influence

  • Assignment: Your leadership goals

Week 2: Be Self-Aware

  • Internal and External Self-Awareness

  • Internal Self-Awareness: Being Authentic with PROM Archetypes®

  • The 4 performance zones: Dropout, Burnout, Cultivate, and Flow

  • Building External Self-Awareness

  • Assignment: Being your Best Self

  • From Cloner to Coach

  • Coaching your Pioneers

  • Coaching your Reconcilers

  • Coaching your Operators

  • Coaching your Mavericks

Week 3: Be Trustworthy

  • Trustworthiness, Respect, and Stewardship

  • 3 Elements of Trust

  • Behaviors that show Respect

  • Stewardship actions

  • Weekly Check in Assignment

  • Quarterly Update assignment

Week 4: Practice Empathy

  • Empathy Intro

  • Empathy in Action

  • How Eisenhower used Empathy to win at Normandy

  • Disagree Agreeably using RVEC

  • Empathy Behaviors and Assignment TBP

Week 5: Take Responsibility and Create Accountability

  • Response-ability

  • Responsibility and Accountability in Ac=on

  • 3 Cs and 3 A's of Accountability

  • Proactive and Reactive Accountability

  • Giving Feedback

  • Accountability assignment and actions

Week 6: Connecting the Why

  • Gebng past "that's the way we've always done it"

  • Connecting the WHY to gain buy-in

  • Connecting Emotionally to WHY -- JFK at NASA

  • Actions and Assignment

  •  Eyes-on, Hands-offs

Week 7: Mul:ply your Experiences

  • Thinking Outside the Box

  • Building Practical Wisdom

  • Actions & Assignment

Week 8: Determina:on versus DriR

  • Determina=on versus Drie

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