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Personal Finance: Money Master Class


$ 59.99


8 weeks

About the Course

This class helps ordinary entrepreneurs and 9-5ers, who are tired of their financial restrictions, become Extraordinary! You will do more with your income! We’ll help you give yourself a raise without increasing your work hours or your work load. You will create more memorable life experiences with your family, friends and love ones all awhile tackling all of your financial goals. You’ll leave this class with a plan that makes it possible to achieve what you thought was impossible: total mastery of your money.

This engaging 8-week course includes weekly live training with your money master coach. These trainings will include accountability to self and to your classmates as you commit to changing your life for the better.

What will you learn? I’m glad you asked. Quickly review each lesson and its description


What is money?

Do you truly know what money is? Do you know who directly and indirectly influences your spending decisions? This lesson dives deep in the economical principals of money and its circulation in the economy. It helps the students understand government funding, spending, and how they indirectly influence our spending decisions. The five streams of income are introduced in this lesson as it prepares the student with basic money principles and fundamentals.

Managing Money, the FIIT way

Are you living pay to paycheck? Are you living month to month? Have you ever thought it would be possible to have a savings that will cover your living expenses for a whole year? This lesson will totally transform your perspective of how you currently view and manage your money. Managing money, the FIIT way will challenge your mentality, and encourage you to start living annually vs. monthly. You will learn how to identify your spender type, calculate your net worth, build out your necessity listing and create a monthly spending plan that will maximize your saving potential and decrease your debt. This lesson will help you establish realistic and achievable goals, uncover any bad habits and implement actionable ways to change.

Credit Management

Are you happy with your credit score? Are you able to be approved for what you want, whenever you want it, with no money down? Do you have credit confidence? In this lesson, you will become a master of your credit. You will learn the 5 key components of credits and the mechanics behind how they comprise your credit score. Each component has a specifics strategy that coincides with it. Understanding the strategy will turn you into a credit genius. You’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it! Credit will no longer seem complex, and you will be on your way to a credit score of 700 and higher.

Saving to Invest

Does money burn a whole in your pocket? Is it hard for you to keep a savings? Does investing seem farfetched? Ranging from the age of 25 to 65 years old, the average American only has $5,000 or less in their savings account. In this lesson, you will learn how to master the art of saving and having money at your disposal whenever you need it. No longer will small emergencies upset your life. You will learn how to save in order to invest. Make your money work for you!

Borrowing Basics

Have you ever borrowed money to buy something that you simply could’ve saved for? Do you know if you are a credit risk? Have you ever found yourself in a bad loan? In this lesson you will learn the fundaments of borrowing. No longer will you have to wonder if you made a good loan decision, which later comes to haunt you. This lesson covers the basics of borrowing, what you should borrow for, and the questions and information you need to know during the process.


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Talaya Scott

Hello! My name is Talaya Scott, and I will be your instructor for Personal Finance Money Master Course (PFMM 101). I’m excited to have you, and would like for you to know a little about me. I am the owner and operator of FIIT Perspective, LLC.

FIIT Perspective is a financial literacy company that promotes financial freedom through financial
education. I am an accountant, published author, professor, public speaker and entrepreneur. I reside in the United States, specifically in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Cardinal Stritch University and my Master’s in Accounting and Financial Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. I am excited to start my Doctorate (DBA) program in Spring 2024.

I served my country in the United States Air Force for eight years in Military Finance, and previously worked for one of the prestigious Big 4 accounting firms, Ernst & Young LLP. I am a full time Accounting professor at Milwaukee Area Technical College, and tirelessly serve my community through nonprofit organizations, including National Council of Negro Women and the National Association for Black Accountants.

I am deeply passionate about financial literacy education, and I am dedicated to shifting people’s
perspectives on their finances one person at a time.

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