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Customer Contact Skill


$ 125/month


12 months

$ 1,500/year

About the Course

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Students developed customer service knowledge and skills through inquiry & analysis of customers, verbal/nonverbal communication, listening techniques, critical thinking & problem-solving. The Forward Service Corporation "Call Center Professionals" course has been articulated to Madison College's "Customer Contact Skills" course. Madison College will grant equivalent college credit for our Customer Contact Skills course to individuals who have earned this badge & enroll at Madison College.


Earning Criteria

  • Explore the customer service profession

  • Find ways to contribute to the service culture

  • Recommends products or services based on customer needs

  • Observe nonverbal communication skills

  • Listen to the customer

  • Examine customer service and behavior

  • Study service breakdowns and service recovery

  • Achieve at least an 80% on the Capstone project

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