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English (WESLI Programs)


$ 125


12 weeks

About the Course

WESLI has 7 levels of English and many programs to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. After you take a placement test to find your level, we will make a class schedule that best fits your English level and future goals.

To meet your English goals, WESLI offers 5 ESL Programs. Each course is a combination of Core Classes and Electives. Whether you are studying English for personal reasons, MBA preparation, or for your career, WESLI has courses for you!

  • General English – for students who want to improve English abilities for personal goals

  • English Plus – for students who want to improve English abilities but also study another topic of interest - topics range from Yoga or Tourism to Beer or Photography!

  • Academic Preparation – for students who want to attend US or other English-speaking universities or colleges. Also see WESLI's University Pathway!

  • TOEFL/IELTS Preparation – for students seeking to improve test scores

  • Business/Professional English – for students working in businesses or other professions, such as lawyers, doctors, journalists, scientists, politicians and teachers

  • Junior Summer + Winter Camps - for students in high school wanting to experience Midwest American culture in an authentic setting in all seasons

  • Private Classes – for students who want one-on-one tutoring instead of or in addition to classes. WESLI Tutoring provides a customized curriculum taught by experienced teachers. With flexible scheduling (1-10 hours/week, available all year), you will receive undivided attention to help you reach your goals quickly.

Counselors will help you craft a session schedule to best prepare you for your goals after WESLI and your program choice.

Classes focus on developing the skills necessary to succeed. Students spend time developing their critical reading skills; writing paragraphs and compositions on a variety of topics; learning basic grammar structures and usages; and learning how to communicate for different contexts and purposes. Students also learn strategies to improve their vocabulary acquisition.

Beginning Levels (100, 200 and 300): After completing Level 300, a student can conduct basic conversations, manage everyday life in an English-speaking environment, and read and write simple material.

Intermediate Levels (400 and 500): After completing Level 500, a student can converse comfortably on most subjects, read some basic academic and professional texts, and write an academic-style essay.

Advanced Academic and Business Skill Levels (600 and 700): After completing levels 600 and 700, a student can conduct business in English, participate in most professional situations, and is ready to succeed in an American university program.

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