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Cybersecurity 2


$ 59.99


8 weeks

About the Course

Cybersecurity is broken up into two years, Cybersecurity 1 and Cybersecurity 2. Cybersecurity 2 picks up where Cybersecurity 1 left off. In this course, students will dive deeper into the cybersecurity world. They will assess various types of attacks, from coding and application attacks. Students will examine numerous risk management tools and how to use them to secure systems. The course also has a strong focus on cryptography and PKI, the building blocks for creating confidentiality. Finally, students will examine various management policies that companies can implement to create a secure environment. At the end, students will create some major artifacts and demonstrate cyber defense in a hands on environment.

Big Idea 4: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Common Attacks

Chapter 18

Students examine various types of malware from viruses, worms, Trojans and examine other common attacks such as coding and application attacks.

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Common Attacks

Chapter 21

Coding Attacks

Chapter 22

Application Attacks

Big Idea 5: Risk Management Tools

Chapter 23

In this section, students will look into various tools and technologies that we can use to create defenses and implement secure elements.

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Defense and Controls

Chapter 27

Protecting Data with Backups

Chapter 28

Business Continuity Elements

Big Idea 6: Cryptography and PKI

Chapter 29

Students explore encryption, decryption, and hashing algorithms used in modern cryptography.

Chapter 30

Chapter 31

Symmetric Encryption

Chapter 32

Asymmetric Encryption

Chapter 33

Cryptographic protocols

Chapter 34

Big Idea 7: Personnel Management Policies

Chapter 37

Student actively participate in incidence response systems.

Chapter 38

Chapter 39

Responding to Incidents

Major Project 1 – Hands on

The first of two major projects where students plan, design, and execute cyber penetration.

Major Project 2 – Hands on

The second of two major projects where students plan, design, and execute cyber defense.

Final Unit

As we approach the end of this course, we help students prepare for various certification exams.

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