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Cybersecurity 1


$ 59.99


8 weeks

About the Course

This course runs concurrently with Cybersecurity – Become an Ethical Hacker.
This class is broken up into two years, level 1, and level 2. Level 1 will introduce students to the world
of cybersecurity. Students will examine and learn about what interventions are needed to protect data
and privacy in the digital era. They will learn about digital identity, authentication services, access
control models, and implementing secure environments. In level 2, they will analyze attack patterns,
examine various vulnerabilities, and explore cryptography. At the end, students will demonstrate their
knowledge with some hands-on projects.

Big Idea 1 – Getting Started with Cybersecurity

Chapter 1

In this section, students explore the fundamentals of cybersecurity and what it means to be a good digital citizen.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Various Types of Hackers and Their Motivations

Chapter 4

Kali Linux

Big Idea 2: Identity Management

Chapter 5

In this section, students learn about their digital identity, how to manage their identities, and how to use access control effectively.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Authentication Services

Chapter 8

Managing Accounts

Chapter 9

Access Control Models

Big Idea 3: Networking Technologies

Chapter 10

This part is a review of networking concepts and various networking tools that are important in cybersecurity.

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Implementing a Network

Chapter 13

Exploring IDSs and IPSs

Chapter 14

Securing Wireless Networks

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Identity Access Services

Chapter 18

Implementing Secure Systems

Chapter 19

Cloud Services

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