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Web Design and Development – Design Principles


$ 59.99


8 weeks

About the Course

In this course, students will learn the basic principles of Web Design. Before we move onto the coding parts of the course with HTML/CSS and JS, it is important that we explore the reasons and rationale behind designing a proper website. Along the way, students will get to explore many of the tools that make the Internet interactive.

Chapter 1

A brief look into the history of computation and the consequences that it has brought.

Chapter 2

An examination into the motherboard, the CPU, and other devices that are core parts of computation.

Chapter 3

Operating Systems and Software

A deep dive into how operating systems function.

Chapter 4

Networking Components

Various parts of the Internet and how various devices make it work.

Chapter 5

We look into URLs, protocols, domains, and other Internet related items.

Chapter 6

Students will use Zoom, Slack, and Canva to create digital artifacts.

Chapter 7

We make sure students can observe the laws that govern the digital world.

Chapter 8

We examine how web hosting is done and the security pitfalls that come along with it.

Chapter 9

How do we acquire information online and how do we make sure that it is authentic?

Chapter 10

For the final lesson, students will team up and build a website to deal with a worldwide problem.

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