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Web Design and Development – HTML and CSS


$ 59.99


8 weeks

About the Course

In this course students will learn to build websites by using HTML and CSS. They will learn the various elements of HTML and CSS and how to construct good looking sites by using those elements effectively. Students will learn to create their own web pages from scratch, upload them to hosting servers, choose domain names, and then launch these sites as a demonstration of their abilities.

Chapter 1

Students learn the basics of web pages, browsers, and the Internet.

Chapter 2

Students learn the basics of HTML tags and how to use them properly.

Chapter 3

Introduction to CSS

Students use CSS to perform basic style changes such as colors and text.

Chapter 4

HTML Links and Attributes

Students create HTML links and use CSS attribute functions to change the look of the website.

Chapter 5

In this project, students will plan and create their very first web site.

Chapter 6

Students learn to create and control fields within HTML tables.

Chapter 7

Students learn to manipulate various HTML elements to create responsive designs.

Chapter 8

In the second lesson for forms, students create check boxes, color, dates, numbers and range, and learn additional input types.

Chapter 9

For this lesson, students learn to use canvas setting to create various images.

Chapter 10

Students will look at various software issues with networking such as DNS issues, switching loops, and bad port numbers.

Chapter 11

Students will examine advanced properties of CSS by learning to modify margins, padding, and other border properties.

Chapter 12

Students will create a major website and deploy it.

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