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A New Way of Online


Yam Education programs are designed for online and deliver a comprehensive learning experience from the world's leading English institutions.

Skilled and Experienced Instructors

Supportive 1:1 coaching

Know about the best online learning Platform

Self-paced: Competency based courses

Our competency-based course-list include vocabulary, listening, reading and writing. You will have access to recorded classes and scheduled assessments.

Live sessions

Courses include academic speaking, grammar and communication . You will attend our weekly live sessions, participate in forum discussions, schedule a time with a conversation partner or go to online office hours.

Professional Tutor

Your teaching team consists of experts tutors, selected to facilitate group discussions, share their experiences and give you personalized feedback on all your assignments.

Online community

Join a vibrant community of like-minded peers from over 160 countries. Engage in robust forum discussions to unearth and apply insights from classmates and network with professionals.



Discover how exactly competency-based and live sessions education works for your online English program and what steps you will follow to complete your courses.

Explore Our University Pathway Program

Associate Degree

Choose your path! Some programs offer a technical diploma after the first year.

Others set you up to transfer and get a bachelor’s degree in out partner colleges.

Job-focused? University bound? Continuing Education? Yam Education will help you figure it out. Choose from 60+ training programs to start or upgrade your career. 

Start your four-year degree online and transfer. Or take our      professional and continuing education courses. 

Professional & 
Continuing Education

Stay up-to date with the latest professional and continuing education opportunities in topics you’re interested in at YAM Education.

Our course subscription starts from an average of $24.99 per month.

Join the YAM family.

2,000+ students have joined our platform

Student Success

Lisa Ouedraogo

There are a few things that Yam offers that other programs don’t, and one is the competency-based format-the mastery, to make sure that you learn the skill before you move on to something else. Traditional schools don’t offer that. You simply go to class and you get what they’re working on that week and if you don't get it, too bad, we’re all moving on. Many key concepts are lost with that.

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