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Yam is a cutting edge educational technology with a powerful built-in artificial intelligence and cloud computing engine.








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This innovative platform:

connects students and teachers anytime, anywhere

automates routine tasks, processes and procedures

transforms the way students learn and interact with their teachers

creates and drives value for both students and teachers through the digital experience.

We build cutting edge educational technologies and bring artificial intelligence and cloud computing platforms with offline capabilities into the reach of every school, college and university in the world.

We amaze our users and clients with innovative technologies that move them further along into their digital transformation journey and catapult them into a digitalized world.

We offer a full range of enterprise services to support schools and employers: we make our platforms available to educational institutes for teaching and employers for workforce training and continuing professional development.

We connect people through knowledge with our open source content available to young professionals. Whether you want to learn or to share what you know, our platform is designed to meet your needs. Become an instructor today!

Our Artificial Intelligence

Our AI platform relies on digital trends and gives teachers the tools they need to be most effective and help learners perform at the top of their abilities.

With our AI built-in technology, we are able:

  • to personalize content for students based on mastery (i.e. lessons, activities, and assignments) for students based on their current level and personalized group projects with students that have the same levels
  • to track students’ progress, adapt the conversation and learning styles with our speech-to-text or text-to-speech technology, and provide insights to instructors in real-time. Teachers can now focus their time in analyzing and monitoring the students’ performance and tailoring the content as needed.
  • to compare our virtual assistant to a real tutor. Yam behaves like an intelligent tutoring system that can interact with students as if they are working with a human student in a one-on-one session. Being able to do that as one classroom instructor is nearly impossible.