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Leadership, Business, and Strategy


$ 59.99


8 weeks

About the Course

In the Leadership Business and Strategy course, you will learn how to create innovative and winning strategies to scale leadership and grow your business profit or non-profit).
We will explore ways to build a sustainable, successful organization. We will also diagnose the limiting factors in limiting growth, impact, and influence in business.
This course sets the direction of the organizational journey, and the leadership strategy helps you see how leadership and strategy act as human enablers to reach your full potential.



Dr. Rutendo Mudzamiri, affectionately known as Dr. Ru, is a Zimbabwean-born serial is an experienced relationship builder, engaging communicator, and sought-after mentor and development professional with 15 years of experience in growth and leadership strategies mainly for nonprofit and executive-level management. Dr. Ru provides proven expertise in exceptional organizational scaling strategies, partnerships engagement, and fundraising strategies. 

With a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University, Dr. Ru creates innovative leadership and strategy curriculum and offers customized training to students to scale in leadership, business, and social impact. Dr. Ru is a sought-after development leader and passionately helps organizations excel through resource mobilization, philanthropy, and partnerships. While she has worked with several partners to accomplish leadership, development, and social entrepreneurship in 23 African countries, England, and the United States, where she is currently based, Dr. Ru leads, and mentors a growing network of over 10 000 women leaders dubbed "BossBoss Conversations.


Her mantra is, "Leaders are born, Great leaders are developed, and the Greatest are called".

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