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Picking a Career: Discovering What You Love & Enjoy Doing

Deciding on a career path may seem overwhelming with so many options and advice out there, but fret not! It can actually be simplified into easy steps to guide you into making a well-thought-out and enjoyable choice. Let’s dive into this exciting journey together.


1. Getting to Know Yourself: Start Here


The first step in choosing a career is understanding yourself a bit better. Take some time to think about what you love, the things you're good at, and truly matter to you. Ask yourself:


  • What really gets me excited?

  • What am I good at? What might I need to work on?

  • What values matter most when it comes to work?


Consider trying out some career quizzes or tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or the Strong Interest Inventory for more insights into careers that might be perfect for you.


2. Checking Out Different Careers

    Now that you have a better idea of your interests and strengths, it’s time to explore various career options. Look into different industries and roles that catch your eye. Check out things like:


  • What the job involves

  • Skills needed and qualifications required

  • Typical work settings

  • Opportunities for growth and employment trends


Having chats with professionals in fields you’re keen on can provide valuable insights. You can also use online platforms such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or industry-related forums for more info.


3. Get Hands-On Experience & Build Skills

    Getting experience is key to figuring out if a certain career is right for you. Try internships, part-time gigs, or volunteering in industries that interest you. These experiences will help you:


  • Confirm if a specific career is your thing

  • Develop the right skills and knowledge

  • Build important connections with professionals


Yam Education has a variety of courses that you can pick from to help you take the first steps in the direction of your dreams, take a look at our admission cycles for certificate and associate degree courses that best suit your needs.


4. Seek Advice & Mentorship

    Having mentors can be incredibly helpful when choosing a career path. Find mentors/ career coaches who can give guidance, share their knowledge, and offer support.


We provide a 4-week comprehensive pre-internship program in collaboration with Internship on Demand to help you achieve this. The program is aimed at delivering educational training to job seekers, followed by practical internship experience, culminating in employment opportunities with startup or small business owners. 


5. Make Your Decision

    Once you’ve gathered enough info and gained experience, it's time to evaluate your options carefully. Consider things like job satisfaction, work-life balance, salary expectations, and long-term opportunities. Making a list of pros and cons for each option can help you compare them more effectively.


Just remember – it’s completely fine to change your mind! Career paths aren’t always straight lines, so don’t be afraid to adjust as needed along the way.

6. Plan Ahead & Take Action


 After making your decision, create a plan for reaching your career goals. Outline the steps you need to take like getting specific qualifications or networking effectively. Setting both short-term and long-term goals will keep you motivated and moving forward.


In Conclusion

Deciding on a career path is a big deal that involves self-reflection, research, and hands-on experience. By knowing yourself better, exploring possibilities, gaining experience, seeking mentorship, evaluating choices diligently, and taking action decisively – you'll find a career that matches your passion and aspirations perfectly. Remember – everyone's journey is unique so take it easy on yourself and enjoy the process of finding your ideal path!

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